Thursday, January 22, 2015

As the Stash Grows...

Kinda sounds like the name of a soap opera, huh...
...well, this post is certainly filled with pretty things (if you like bright colored floss), but no drama.
(Just how I like things, drama free as can be.)

Anyway, my DH and I ran to town earlier this week and popped into the bookstore.
Of course, I came out with 2 stitching magazines...

1) Cross Stitch Crazy, Number 198
2) The World of Cross Stitching, Number 223
I love both of these magazines and really need to just bite the bullet and buy a subscription to them.
(I always hate looking through and finding I've missed a really cute pattern.)

I also purchased a new book...

This is actually one of the first books I've purchased in quite awhile.
(My aunt lends me books all the time, so I am never without anything to read.)
The book is entitled, "Sworn to Silence", by Linda Castillo.
It is a mystery novel, about a woman (Kate Burkholder), that left the Amish community in Painters Mill, Ohio, only to return years later, as the Chief of Police.
It sounded very interesting.
(Now, to find the time to actually read it!)

My floss stash has also grown...

The sad part, that isn't even all of it!
(I am hoping to one day have all 454 solid DMC floss, so I try and pick up a bit, when I can.)

With all the new floss, my storage box has filled up...

The top is all full!
The bottom part is still empty, since my order of large floss bobbins, still hasn't arrive...
I'm hoping they'll be here tomorrow.

So, as I was exploring my new magazines, I came across the term "railroading"...
(I think I read it somewhere else, but I can't remember...)
And, I was curious, so I tried it out...

(I apologize for the fluff on the piece, I'm afraid I haven't had the chance to de-fur-ify the piece yet.)
Anyway, most of the light blue section and the deep orange section, were done using the railroading method.
Honestly, I'm not sure I see a huge difference and I found the process very tedious, but I think I'll keep working on it. (Especially on pieces that are meant as gifts.)

Well, that is all from my neck of the woods... stomach is grumbling, which tells me, it is time for lunch!  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. That book sounds very interesting. I'll have to get myself a copy

    1. Thanks!
      The book is actually part of a series, so I'm hoping it is good. (I do love a good mystery series!)

  2. Great stash haul. Wow your bobbins look all neat and tidy! Mine are half sorted and half all over the place. x

    1. Thanks Hazel!
      Those bobbins are neat and tidy, I won't show the ones that in my stitching tote bag! ;)

  3. I Love these magazines! and I only buy one now and then because when would I find the time to stitch all the lovely things they have in them! :) great stash haul :) railroading is very tedious and I don't see the point in it, its time consuming and you can get the same result by gently pulling the threads at the back! love your stash box, its growing lol :))

  4. Love your stash. I think we all have something similar to you tote bag! ;)