Friday, January 16, 2015

Floss, Fabric and the Flu...

It has been quite the week...

Things started out very well, two of my orders came in and I was able to start a couple projects.
Unfortunately, I ended up with the flu...
...I haven't been feeling very well, but I have been able to stitch a bit.
(At least I should have some stuff for my next WIPocalypse and Turtle Trot updates.)

I was very excited to get my first batch of evenweave...

Of course, I also ordered a couple new patterns (they are part of my turtle trot) and some floss...
...but, I didn't start working on them yet.
Since I'm not feeling well, I didn't think it would be the best time.
I've never worked on evenweave, so I'm sure I'll have some difficulties along the way and I want my head to be completely clear.

I have put some work into my new floss box...

Almost done with the top!
(Now, to get to work on the bottom.)

I also started working on one of my WIPocalypse projects...

I won't ruin the surprise of which project it is...
...but, I am having fun working on it!

Well, I am afraid that my head is still pretty foggy and I could use a good rest.
Hope everybody is having a good Friday!


  1. Hi Carrie. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I am now following yours. Love your new stash. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


  2. I'm at the tail end of that dreaded flu! It was truly awful, so I hope you won't suffer as much and recover quickly :) Love the new stash! Evenweave is amazing to stitch on, I am sure with a bit of practice you will love it too.

    1. Thanks Angela! I hope you're feeling better, too!
      There have been quite the bugs floating around this year. They're awfully strong and like to stick around too long!

  3. Looking forward to following your stitch adventures! Hope the flu passes quickly.

  4. I've never worked on evenweave either. I hope you're feeling better soon, lots of rest and drinks :) look forward to seeing your stitching when you're up to it.