Monday, January 12, 2015

Floss Storage...

As promised, I took some pictures of my new tackle box (floss storage box) and what it looks like inside...
(It looks kinda pretty, with all the lovely colors.)

First, I thought I would show you my old storage box...
(The floss box was actually my mother's, but when she passed away, I inherited all her cross stitch stuff.)
I honestly have no idea when or where she purchased this box...
...I just always remember it being there.

Side One
(This has floss numbering (DMC) 800 and up.)

Side Two
(Contains floss numbering (DMC) 799 and below.)

A look inside...

A close-up...

So, as you can see, this storage box is pretty full.
(I do have a couple empty compartments, but I also have floss in bags, that's being used in current projects.  Not all the floss is accounted for and some of the compartments will need to be rearranged a bit, once I finish with things.)

Needless to say, I needed more room...

My husband found me a tackle box on the Bass Pro website and it happened to be on sale, too..., we thought we would give it a try.

All shiny and new!

The top part...

The bottom part...
(Look at that room!  Just think how much floss I can put in there!)

So, I did start to put stuff into the box...

The top part holds the smaller floss bobbins quite well and the large space on the right (where my extra floss is currently laying), will be great for storing fabric, scissors, patterns, etc...

There isn't much in the bottom portion yet. (Honestly, it is completely empty.)
But, it will hold the large floss bobbins. (You can see a few in there as an example.)
Unfortunately, no store around me carries them, so I had to order some.

So there you have, a peek inside my new tackle...urm...floss storage box!
I think it is going to work out quite nicely!


  1. I Love these :) and just look at the room you have in there, you will need lots and lots of floss to fill that up :) LOL love the way you can make your own compartments! think I will have to have a look for one or two of these :)

    1. They come in real handy and make finding my floss a lot easier!
      I do have tons of floss, now I just need the bobbins. 😄

  2. Looks like that's going to make a great floss store. Lots of fun filling any spare space too!

    1. Thanks Cath! It is working out really well so far, just looking forward to having it all orangized.

  3. This is a great way to store your floss :)

  4. MEWOW- you have oodles more than I do! What a great idea and how organized you are, I am lazy about transferring the floss to bobbins upon purchase. I keep meaning to work on the loose skeins but the sight of how many there are seem to bring on an overwhelming and debilitating procrastination!