Saturday, January 31, 2015

I did it...

Well, I finally did it, I started stitching on evenweave fabric!

This is what I was able to get accomplished last night.

The pattern is by Country Cottage Needlecrafts...

...and it is Santa's House, which is part of the Santa's Village patterns.
I used 32 ct. Lambswool Linen fabric, which is what was recommended, when I bought the pattern.
(Since this is my first attempt with evenweave, I didn't want to stray from what the pattern suggested.)

Getting started was a bit difficult and I kept watching a tutorial, to make sure I was stitching it correctly...
...but, I think I started to a get the hang of it!
Honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to do a lot of stitching on evenweave/linen (it gave me a bit of a headache), but I am looking forward to seeing how this piece turns out.
(I'm hoping it will get easier, as I continue to work on it.)


This week, I finally made a list of all the DMC colors and started marking what I had in stock...

I had a more colors than I thought!
I'm pretty covered from DMC 150 to DMC 3722.  There are a few gaps, but not very many; however, after 3722, I am definitely lacking!
At least now I know what colors I need to purchase!


Today was picture day...
...well, picture day for my Etsy shop!

I've been working on lots of new jars, so I had a lot to photograph.
And, I bought some lovely roses to help make my pictures extra special...

Aren't they pretty?!?!
I believe these are from the 2nd batch of roses I had to buy...
Why did I have to buy more than one batch?
Well, the cats decided to gnaw off the petals on 3 of the roses I bought the first time.
Luckily, none of the cats are sick and I was able to get replacement flowers!


So, I know today is "Caturday"...
and I am going to post something cat related, but I wanted to do something a bit different. (I would hate for anyone to get bored with my cats!)

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite videos from Simon's Cat. (If you haven't heard of these, then you definitely need to check them out on youtube; they're hilarious!)

This one reminds me of Cooper!
(He gets like this from time to time and all we humans can do, is sit back and watch and hope that nothing valuable is destroyed!)

And, this one is ALL my cats, when there is catnip around!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I'm sure I'll be writing again soon!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. You did a fantastic job of stitching on the evenweave Carrie. The cat videos are really cute and could so be my cats.


  2. Great start on your Evenweave Carrie and how lovely the Roses look in your Jar, I just love Simon's cat :)) So funny his videos :)) Happy Stitching and caturday :))

  3. Your stitching looks great. I love Simon's cat - it's so funny :)

  4. You'll get used to stitching on linen. It makes quarter stitches so much easier. You might try stitching with a magnifier to help you see the threads. It might prevent a headache. Your jar of roses are lovely. And I love Simon's cat. My DD go tme started on them and I always look forward to new ones.

    1. Thanks Bette!
      My husband has been suggesting that I get a magnifier. (If I decide to work with more evenweave/linen, I'll definitely have to get one.)

  5. Linen is slightly different from evenweave as it has a slub in it. I am not a big fan of the lambswool for this reason. Don't be too put off if you find it difficult as there are many other easier fabrics to work with. The lambswool is a permin linen which is quite stiff. Zweigart fabrics like the Lakeside linens and others are much softer to work on. Try a few different ones. See which ones you like. You made a great start. x

    1. Thanks Hazel!
      Figures I picked a more difficult fabric to work with! (LOL!)
      I will definitely look into other types of fabric and see what suits my tastes better.

  6. Great start on this cute series. But I agree with Hazel, you have skipped past the easier evenweave and jumped straight into linen! Well done you! I use both, linen for samplers and evenweave for pictures, especially those with people because the last thing you want is a slub in the middle of a face LOL.
    Try using Jobelan if you like 28 count or Murano if you prefer 32 count. Murano is my favourite fabric of all, the coverage is so good.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      Well, that means stitching on evenweave/linen should get easier, since I picked a hard type to start with! (LOL!)
      I will certainly look at the fabrics you suggested. I'm definitely looking forward to trying others.

  7. Welcome to the evenweave club! I'm sure you will love the results :)

  8. haha those videos are so cute and funny! Thanks for sharing :) I love your new jar, I think I really need one for my kitchen and Santa's house looks great!