Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Husband's Hobby...

Hello everyone!
So happy to have met, so many new and wonderful people during the GYB event and it was great to see some terrific existing followers stopping in to post.
I had a great time reading new blogs and I am still going through the list of participates! (There were so many fantastic blogs!)
(If you are interested in reading my 'Grow Your Blog' post, you can find a link on the side - bar.)

Anyway, I thought I would share a couple photos of something a bit different... husband's newest toy!

My hubby is an avid fisherman. 
(He spends the spring and summer fishing for bass.)

His Christmas present was this, tackle cart.
(Now all his stuff is together, in one place.)

There is room for a little bit of everything.
(Apparently Cooper approves of the new cart, too!)

So now, you probably know why I use tackle boxes for my craft supplies...
...we almost always have some floating around our house and if I'm not able to use one, then my hubby can put it to good use and vice versa.
(Honestly, I'm trying to figuring out how I could use the cart!  I think I'd be able to put one to good use.)

I do love that my hubby has a hobby that he enjoys, because he understands how much I enjoy my hobbies.
And, I try not to say too much when he adds to his fishing stash, so he doesn't complain much when I add to my stitching stash!

Well, that is all for now...
...I'll be back soon, I'm sure! (Trying to get lots of stitching done!)

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  1. Hi, I'm still catching up with all the blogs on the GYB event, your blog looks great :)