Saturday, January 10, 2015

The first "Caturday" of 2015...

Okay, so technically it is the 2nd "Caturday" of 2015, but I didn't label my post last weekend that way...
..So, this weekend is now the official first "Caturday" post.
(What is "Caturday" you ask?  Simply, it is adding "cat" to "Saturday" and sharing pictures of (your) cats on that day.)

Since this week has been so cold, most of my cats have spent their time trying to stay warm...

Dahlia was the bravest in her pursuit of warmth...
...She actually took over our dog's bed, which sits in front of the vent.
(The black blob is our dog, Reese.)

(Sleeping with one eye open, to make sure no one tries to steal her spot!)

Hoss on the other hand...

...decided that sitting next to me on the couch, was the best way to stay warm.

(He seems pretty happy with his decision!) 


...decided, closing his eyes and sleeping through the cold snap, was the best way to deal with it!


I did have one more cat, decide that the box, was the best place to be...

(She was happy in there, until I started taking pictures.  Then she had to get out and see what I was up to.)

Dahlia also decided that I needed help with my cross stitch...

(She kept an eye on my floss and scissors, so I didn't lose them.)


Lastly, a couple pictures of Hoss, because he really is a lot of fun to photograph...

(I had some fun, playing with my picture editor!)


Well, that is all the pictures for this week.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Your Kitties are SO cute :) isn't it funny how they all prefer a cardboard box to a cosy cat bed LOL
    love your photo's, the B/W one's look great!

  2. Awww they are all so adorable. I love how cats have their own little personalities. So very cute. :)