Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIPocalypse Update #1...

I decided to sign up for the 2015 WIPocalypse event, of course, I didn't sign up until January 5th, so I am a couple days behind.

It has been a busy couple days, so I am very happy that I finally have a few moments to get this post written and published! (Really starting to hate snow days, leaves me no time for my projects.)

For the first update, we are to introduce ourselves, our projects and our goals for the year...
I have kinda done that all ready on this post, but I figured I could go into a bit more detail and I definitely have a lot more projects that I would like to work on this year.

More about me...
My name is Carrie (which I'm sure you have deduced from my signature) and I am a stay-at-mom/small business owner.  My husband and I have been married for 11 years (it will be 12 years this summer) and we have one son, that is 10. (He'll be turning 11 in March.)
I run an Etsy shop, that features hand poured soy candles, room sprays, potpourri and hand painted mason jars.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV (way too much TV), reading, listening to music, hanging out with my family, cross stitching and playing on my new Christmas present, my tablet.

I love mysteries, especially murder mysteries!  I watch entirely too many TV shows about them and read way to many books on the subject. (Mainly cozy type mysteries, I am not really into grizzly, true crime type books.)

I have been stitching for about 20 years, but I do go through stages where I don't don't stitch for months at a time. (I'm definitely hoping this blog will help me stick to my projects more.)  
I love starting new projects, probably more than finishing them, so I have a lot of work I would like to get done.

Well, I believe that is enough about me for now, on to my stitching projects...

1) Dimensions kit, "Christmas Morning Pets"

I haven't started this kit yet, but I would really like to have it finished by next Christmas.
(I have the perfect place to hang it.)

2) Dimensions kit, "Daydreams" (kit contains designer mat, glass and stitchery)

Another kit I haven't started, but would really like to get finished.
(I do love that it comes with everything to stitch and finish it!)

3) Janlynn kit, "Home is Where the Cat is"

I have actually made a start on this kit...

It's not much, but its the start to the gray cat.
(I would like to finish the gray cat, the Siamese type cat and the little white cat, this year.  So about half the pattern.)

4) Craftways, "Kitties Kristmas Ornaments" (set of 6 ornaments)

(I loves these ornaments!)
I have managed to start one ornament...

Close to being done with the black kitty...
I would like to finish 3 out of the 6 ornaments, during 2015.

5) Bucilla, "Love You Always" kit...

I bought this kit on sale and because it fit my husband and I perfectly.
(Plus, my husband loves birds, so it really is a great piece for us.)

Here is a close - up...

I would like to get this piece finished, but I'd be happy if I got half of it done.

6) "Welcome Owls"
by: SewingSeed on Etsy

(Picture is from Sewingseed's shop.)
I would love to finish this project.

7) "Love Birds"
by: Danceneedle on Etsy

(Picture is from danceneedle's shop.)

My progress...

I would like to finish this piece, by the end of the year.

8) "Wipe Your Paws"
Designed by: Diane Arthurs

My progress...

I would really love to finish this piece.
(I actually lost the pattern for a while and just found it last weekend, so I'm looking forward to working on it again.)

9) Janlynn, " 'Tis the Season" kit...

Another kit I haven't started, but one that I would like to get finished this year.

10) Janlynn, "Enjoy God's Work" kit...

Again, haven't started, but I do have it in mind as a gift for someone, so I would like to finish it by December 2015.

11) Janlynn, "Snow Globe Penguins" kit...

Yet another un - started kit...
I would like to have half of this kit finished this year.

12) Janlynn, "Serenity Prayer" (lighthouse) kit...

My progress...

I would love to have this piece finished this year.

13) Bucilla, "Live, Love, Laugh" kit...

My progress...

I would like to have this piece finished, by the end of the year.

14) Scooby Doo
(by: cloudsfactory on Etsy)

This is one of the pieces I've been working on and I would love to have it finished by the end of the month. (If I'm able to keep stitching, I should be done soon.)

15) My 1st Biscornu
(by: The Floss Box)

Another piece that I am currently working on and I would love to have the stitching done by the end of the month. (I would really love to have the entire project finished by the end of February.)


Whew, that was a lot!
I honestly didn't think I would have that many projects..., I keep looking through some of my magazines and finding more projects that I'd like to work on.  So, this list will probably grow!

Oh, one other goal..
I would like to start stitching on evenweave fabric.
I haven't tried it yet and I would really like to.
(I just hope I am up to the challenge!)

Well, I do believe I have taken up enough of your time for one night...
I hope everyone enjoyed reading through my list and I look forward to getting lots of work done this year!


  1. I just found your blog, love all your kits, cats are cool :) you have some lovely things to make!

  2. What a fun bunch of projects you've got lined up. Love all the little critters :)

  3. You have many wonderful projects in your list! I'm looking forward to your progress!

  4. Hi, returning the following here. You have chosen some lovely projects to work on this year.
    One small request - could you make the font on your blog a little darker? My eyes are finding it hard to read! Sorry about that, I can see the picture fine though.

    1. Hi Jo,
      Thank you for following me and for commenting!
      I have changed the text color to a straight black and changed the text style, so it should be easier to read. Thanks for the suggestions!