Saturday, March 7, 2015

First "Caturday" of March...

Happy Weekend everyone!  I hope everybody is having a good one!

I still can't believe that it is the first weekend of March...
...boy, this year is flying by!

Since it is Saturday, it is time for some kitty pictures!

A decent pictures of Ziva...
and, no litter boxes in the background!

Last week, we bought the cats a new cardboard scratch-er, that can be filled with catnip...
of course, they all loved it, but Hoss and Cooper loved it just a tad more!

Hoss just loves to lounge around on it!

Of course, he has also been caught licking the remaining catnip!

He is quite the cat, when it comes to catnip!
(If you look at the first picture of Hoss, you'll notice a catnip mouse on the floor...
wanna guess where the mouse is in this picture?!?!)

Cooper loves having something he can scratch and not get yelled at for doing so...
(He loves the butterfly on top, too!  The poor thing has completely deformed antennae now, thanks to Cooper.)

 Cooper is quite the kitty!
You never know what he'll find to get into!

Oh, I almost forgot to share some exciting news...
I finally purchased my domain name for my website!
Now, all you have to type in is and viola, my webpage comes up!
(It was something I've been meaning to do for a long time, but never got around to it.)

Well, I am off to paint some more jars and get a jump on laundry!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. They look so gorgeous, your darlings! Love seing what cute cats get up to in their everyday life - I share my life with three dogs and don't know too much about cats.

  2. Awww Ziva is just like our cat that recently passed away. Lovely pics. X

    1. Thank you Hazel and so sorry to hear that your cat passed away.