Thursday, April 30, 2015

At the Lake...

Well, it is that time of year again...
...time for my husband to be fishing, at the lake, whenever he is home from work.
So, of course, I tag along!

I always take along some cross stitch pieces to work on...
...unfortunately, my usual spot to sit (with a chair) is under water.
So, I now have to sit on a blanket, under a shade tree.

It really isn't a problem, but it does add some difficulties with my cross stitch pieces.
I won't be able to work on large pieces, because I don't have anywhere to properly lay them out, to be "hooped".  So, its a good thing that I have lots of "little patterns" to kit up and work on.
Plus, I'll need to buy a few things, to help make things easier. (Good thing it is almost Mother's Day!)
I will need a needle minder (the hard part is picking just one), a needle book/case (again, I don't know how I'm going to pick one), a clipboard (to keep my patterns from flying around) and a new tote bag.
I figure it is only fair, since my hubby needs all his fishing equipment, I need my cross stitching equipment!

Anyway, here a few more photos of my cross stitching, at the lake...

(So many projects, so little time!)

Working on my "Kit-Tea" project.

I've been making some good progress on this little project!

I will be sure to post some pictures, once I pick out my new supplies!
Hope everyone has a great Friday!


  1. It's really wonderful to see a couple enjoying their different hobbies in harmony. I commend you for stitching outdoors (never tried it yet, good thing mine is into music, lol). Have fun stitching!

    1. Thanks Gominam!
      With my hubby's work schedule, we don't get to see each other much, so I take advantage whenever (wherever) I can!
      I've started to really like stitching at the lake, it is very quiet, so I can really focus on my work.

  2. I can't wait to stitch outdoors too. It's still too cold outside where I live.

    1. It was kinda cool that day at lake, but not too bad. (Anything is warm, after -20 degrees this winter.) ;)

  3. Love the project your working on Carrie. Can you tell me the name and designer. That's great that you and hubby can enjoy your hobbies together.


    1. Thanks Linda!
      The project is named "Kit-Tea" and you can find it here:

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  5. I like to stitch in our conservatory now it's a little warmer, still too cold for outside stitching.
    Plans for this weekend? Stitching and film watching and stitching while film watching!

  6. That looks so relaxing! I bet you can't wait to do it again next year! :)