Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIPocalypse Update #5...

According to the original WIPocalypse calender, I am a couple days late with my update...
(I actually had my stitching done, I just didn't have time to take photos and write a blog post until now.)
But, I just read Measi's update, that the WIPocalypse update time is pushed back until the 9th of May...

I decided I would share what have for now and post anything I get done in the next few days on the 9th. (Update #5.5, we'll call it....that is if, I get any more work done on my WIPocalypse pieces.)

Anyway, since the we were suppose to share our progress on May the 4th (Star Wars day), I decided to do an entire Star Wars update!

So, this is where I left off..

Now, I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on the Star Wars alphabet, just for this update..

Day Number One progress...

Day Number Two...

And, Day Number Three...

All the new characters...

I am really loving how the entire piece is coming together!
Of course, I am NOT going to love all the french knots I'll have to do, once the piece is completed...
...but, I'll save that headache for later.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any stitching time at the lake... was just too busy, but I forgot to post my progress on Mr. Kitty from last week.

I think he is looking pretty good!

Well, I am off to finish up dinner and hopefully get to work on some more stitching!
Hope everyone has a great evening.


  1. Lovely progress. I save the French knots for last too:) Love the colors on Mr. Kitty.

  2. Great progress. If you really don't want to do french knots, depending on where they are you can replace them with beads to add an extra sparkle.

    1. Thanks D1-D2! I have never worked with beads, but I may just have to give it a try!

  3. Lovely progress. If you don't like doing french knots try colonial knots. They are a lot easier and have the same look. There is a great video on You Tube by Mary Corbett that shows how they are done, gave me a lot of confidence.

    1. Thanks Kristin! I will definitely give colonial knots a try!

  4. Great progress! I've come to realize I don't mind French knots when I am crazy quilting, but on cross-stitch pieces I have a heck of a time not pulling them through the fabric - I have started doing colonial knots instead. I think they are slightly bigger, but they look the same. I would be putting them off too!

    1. Thanks Renee!
      After watching the tutorial on colonial knots, I am definitely going to give them a try.

  5. lovely progress ♥

  6. Great progress!! I am with you on the french knots... we don't get along :)