Sunday, June 14, 2015

June WIPocalypse/Turtle Trot Update...

Late once again...
...I was really going to try and get updates posted on time, but every time I sat down to write or take pictures, something happened. (The joys of being a wife, mother and small business owner, never a spare moment.)

So, I know I am behind, but I do have a few things to share...
WIPocalypse Update:
(I didn't get a ton done, but I made a little progress.)

Stars Wars project - Where I left off...

Stars Wars project - Where I am now...
Not a ton done, but Darth Vader is finally finished!

Turtle Trot Update:
(Again, not a lot done, but some progress.)

Woodland Sampler - Where I left off..

Woodland Sampler - Where I am now..

I am having a really good time working on this piece!
(Close-up of the February square.)


I did get a little work done on the Halloween owl sampler...
...Where I left off...

And, where I am now...


Last weekend, my husband and I cleaned out our closet and I found a plastic canvas project that I had started and never finished..., I've been doing a little work on it.

The project was a set of 6 angel ornaments.
I finished one, well, almost finished...
I have a few more finishing touches, but the majority of it is done.

I started working on a new one...
About half-way done.

Well, that is all for now... to get some more work done.  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


  1. Your wips look great! The frosted pumpkins have the best patterns and your little owl is the cutest! I really like your plastic canvas angel. Isnt it the best to find something you have forgotten all about and enjoy it all over again :)

    1. Thanks Khristine!
      I have a lot of fun going through my stash and finding projects that I'd forgotten all about. (It happens quite often, too!) ;)

  2. I love the star wars pattern!

    1. Thank you! The Star Wars pattern is a lot of fun to work on; it's great seeing the characters come to life (so to speak).

  3. A cute Darth Vadar! How unusual LOL.

    The owl is cute too.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      I was so excited to finish Darth Vadar and I think he came out great!

      I definitely have a weakness for owls and have lots of future projects featuring them.

  4. You've done quite a lot on your WIPs, wonderful:)