Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Three Day Weekend Stitching

Three day weekends do make for lots of stitching time...
so, I have some progress to share.

Up first, "Hogwarts Kids"...
(where I left off)

(where I am now)
Luna is all done and I have started on Neville's hair...

Having a lot of fun working on this piece.
(The pattern is by Tiny Needle on Etsy.)

Next, I worked on Ariel by Stitchering...
(where I left off)

(where I am now)
Made quite good progress on this piece...

Really enjoying stitching this one, too.

And lastly, I pulled out my Big Bang Theory piece by Good Morning Maui...
(where I left off)

(where I am now)
Penny is all done and I have started working on Raj.

The characters are just so darn cute!

Other than that, we had a really nice weekend...
time with my hubby and kiddo...great BBQ and S'Mores...
...can't ask for more!

Well, I am off to do some more stitching...
...hope everyone has a fabulous week!


  1. Nice progress Carrie.


  2. I love the Hogwarts kids pattern!!
    Great progress on all your WIPs

    1. Thanks Ingrid!
      The 'Hogwarts kids' pattern is really cute.

  3. Adorable designs! Can't wait to see these pieces grow :D

  4. They're so cute:) Great progress!

  5. Goodness... more cute stitching! Love the Hogwarts Kids :o)
    Hugs xx