Sunday, July 17, 2016

Completed Pieces

Happy afternoon everyone!
Just a quick update today, but an exciting one...
...I have actually finish-finished several pieces!

I washed up three projects last night, pressed them this afternoon and framed them in hoops.
I started with my cardinal piece...
(it was my guinea pig project, since I haven't tried to framed anything in a hoop before)

and the finished project...
I think it came out really well.
(finished in a 4 inch hoop)

I was so happy with how it came out that I decided to finish a couple of the pieces for my brother and sister-in-law...
Up first, the whales...
(finished in a 5 inch hoop)

Lastly, I finished the bunnies...
(finished in a 5 inch hoop)

I had to leave a little extra fabric on the bottom, otherwise I wouldn't have had enough to "tuck" it behind the frame.
Other than that, I think it came out really well.

So those are the first three pieces I have ever framed in a hoop...
(this tutorial came in really handy and was really easy to follow: )

All that is left to do, is to put some fabric on the back and they will be ready to ship to my in-laws...
(all except the cardinal of course.)

Well, that was my afternoon excitement... off to finish the laundry...the exciting life of a mom and wife! :)


  1. Lovely designs and beautiful needlework. Alice Margaux

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous finishes Carrie. You did a fantastic job at framing them in a hoop. I'm going to send you all of my finishes to finish for me.


    1. Thank you Linda! LOL...sure, I can add some more finished pieces to stack of things I need to frame. ;)

  3. They're so cute! They look lovely in those hoops :D

  4. Well done, they all look adorable :)

  5. Those look great. Thank you for sharing the link to tutorial. I think I shall have to try this

  6. I have enjoyed coming by to read your GG report. Your projects are so sweet - you have very lucky nieces and nephews.