Saturday, July 30, 2016

July Smalls and a Few Other Things

Happy Weekend!

It is time for another Smalls update...
(sorry, I am a couple days late)
Most of the small projects I have completed have been seen in previous updates, but I thought I would just recap...
Halloween Ornaments
Tiny Purple Spider

Little Witches' Hat
Mommy and Baby pieces
Mommy and Baby Fox
Hen and her Chicks
Other Projects for my Niece and Nephew
Green Dinosaur (I named him Frank.)
Kevin the Minion
Pretty Butterflies
Anna and Elsa from Frozen
Wow, that was a lot of projects completed this month!

Since I am all done stitching for my in-laws, I've been gathering supplies for a bunch of new starts.  I am planning on doing a "new start" Olympic Challenge...
So, I have been trying (very hard) to curb my desire to start a new project. (I am making myself wait until August 5th, when the Olympic Challenge starts.)

Instead of starting something new, I've been pulling out WIPs (some long forgotten ones, too)...
Up first, Dragon Age Inquisition symbol...
(where I left off)

And now...

Love watching this one come together!

And then, I pulled out my Woodland Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery...
(where I left off)

(I don't even remember the last time I worked on this piece.)

And now...

The month of March is all done!
Had a lot of fun working on this piece again.

The reason I pulled that project out to work on, was because I purchased one of Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery newest SALs...
I couldn't help myself!  I know my aunts will love the National Parks piece, so I just had buy the pattern.
(I did stop myself at just the pattern, so I thought I did pretty good.) ;)

My stash has really been growing over the last couple weeks...
Lots of floss, some fabric, a box for my project bobbins and some clear bags (I think they may make nice project bags).
I've been buying lots and lots of floss, since I am planning on starting several large pieces.
(Hint on one of my starts...I have had to buy lots of DMC 3808.)

Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend...
...I am off to bobbinate more floss and get more projects organized.
Have a good one, everybody!


  1. Great work on your smalls this month, very cute! And well done for working on some older WIPS too.
    I'm guessing a Dona Stitch project is in the pipeline? That colour sound very familiar from another blogger. Who bought a whole cone of the stuff!

    1. Thank you Jo!
      Yep, I am planning on tackling DoNaStitch's Frozen piece...
      ...that is if I ever get all the floss I need.

  2. Love seeing the cute stuff again. The Woodland Sampler is my favorite, I hope you can work on it some more:D

  3. Love all of your adorable finishes Carrie. Great new stash. Are you by chance going to start a DoNa Stitch Faery Tale chart?


    1. Thank you Linda!
      Yep, I am planning on starting DoNa's Frozen piece.

  4. Amazing stitching this month! They're all so cute :D

  5. You had a great stitching month - I love all your smalls. I really thing the butterflies are my favorite. Thank you for sharing

  6. Looking forward to seeing your completed DA symbol :)

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