Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Black Pearl, by The Primitive Hare, Conversion and Finish

My first finish of 2019...
...The Black Pearl, by The Primitive Hare...

(Fully finished, with help from my hubby...)

Fabric: 32 count Linen, from Fabrics by Stephanie in Jaime's Kilt

For this conversion, I didn't convert symbol by symbol...
...I did more of a conversion, based on the placement of the color in the pattern...

The called for colors...
Gentle Arts #7095 Carriage Black … My conversion Gentle Arts #0940 Island Blue
DMC White (I didn't change this color and used it for the top portion of the swing.)
DMC 948 … My conversion Weeks Dye Works #1133 Conch
DMC 3777 … My conversion Mo's Sale Silk Cornucopia
(Any black silk would work well for this portion of the hair.)
DMC 3857 … My conversion Gentle Arts #1120 Cherry Bark
DMC 841 … My conversion Gentle Art #0166 Old Covered Bridge 
(Used this in the bottom portion of the swing.)

The rest of the colors I converted, based on where they were placed in the pattern...

The lighter blue portion of the tail was stitched with Mo's Sale Horizon.
The words "The Black Pearl" were stitched with Victorian Motto Dark Horse.

The rope on the swing was stitched with Victorian Motto Bewitched.
The border was stitched with Victorian Motto Slate.
And, her crown was stitched with Gentle Arts Island Blue (#0940)…

For back stitching, I used VMS Dark Horse for her face and the inside border line, and VMS Slate for the lines around the swing and tail.
As for beads, I used random ones that I had on hand...

Hope that helps anyone looking to convert Pearl!

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