Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Soon the Christmas tree will be a distant memory...

The holidays are almost over and soon, our lovely Christmas tree will be a distant memory.
We have tons of lovely ornaments, that we've collected over the years, many have been gifts and some were handmade by me. (Yep, I actually managed to finish a couple small cross stitch pieces.)
So, before the ornaments are packed away and the tree is removed to our back yard, I thought I would share a few pictures...

"Our Christmas tree, right after Santa visited."

Now, for a couple close-up of some cross stitched ornaments...

"Cute bear, dressed as Santa."

(This cute bear came from a pattern book, I bought at our local book store.  The book is called, "101 Weekend Cross Stitch Gifts", by: Lesley Teare.  Its a great little pattern book, with lots of fun (and quick) projects.)

"Holiday Greetings"

(HOLIDAY GREETINGS!  This is another pattern I found in a book, unfortunately, I don't remember the book.  It is an older one, though, so I'll have to track it down.)

"Cute snowman, with a pretty, red frame."

(Lastly, a cute little snowman, because I absolutely love snowmen!  He was part of kit, that I actually finished and framed.)
So, that is a look at our Christmas tree and some of stitching projects! Feels good to actually be able to post some completely finished pieces.

Looking forward to posting more in 2015!

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