Thursday, March 31, 2016

Smalls Update - March...

Good evening everyone!
The time has come for another Smalls update and I actually finished...
(The smalls SAL is hosted by Heather from Stitching Lotus.)

...two pieces!
Not exactly what I had planned for my smalls project, but once I read about the stitch for Syria campaign, I couldn't resist stitching up a couple squares.

First one I did, with two different types of variegated floss.

And, the second square, with more a spring feel.

And here they are, all ready to be put in the mail.
(I sent them out early last week, so I hope they make it time.)

Well, I am off to finish some last minute plans for the upcoming start of my A to Z challenge project.
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Christmas Ornament Finish...

Good afternoon everyone!
I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend.
We certainly did!  Lots of good food, family and fun...
...can't ask for more!

I was also able to finish my Christmas ornament for this month...
The theme for this month was Santa and his helpers...

The pattern is from Mini Cross Stitch and is called "Hooties Christmas Elves".
He is stitched on 14 ct. white Aida.

I think he came out cute and I hope to frame him using a decorated hoop.

Well, I am off to finish up some work.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter


Hope everyone is having a great day, filled with friends, family, laughter and lots of chocolate bunnies!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March WIPocalypse...

Good day everyone!
Hope everybody is having a great week.

I realize I am a day behind with my wipocalypse update, but I could have sworn the post date was March 24th. (Too many dates and deadlines floating around in my head.)

Anyway, on to my update...
I don't have a lot of new things to share, since I've posted quite a bit this week.
As far as the WIPocalypse SAL is concerned, I finished 2 pieces that I was working on...

Pumpkin themed Halloween Ornament:

And, the Star Wars alphabet:

I have made some progress on my Christmas ornament...
-where I left off-

-where I am now-
He is slowly coming together!

Now to go digging into my stash to find some new WIPs that need my attention.

And, this month's question:
"Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why?"

I use a hoop for all my stitching.
This hoop belonged to my mom and when she past away I started using it and I love it.  I have tried other larger hoops, but none of them give the amount of the tension that my little one does.  I am so used to this one, that I don't think I'll ever be able to give it up.
I would like to give Q Snaps a try, but just haven't got around to purchasing a set.  I do plan to in the future.
Eventually I hope to get a floor stand, to hold my stitching, since my hands do get really sore from stitching and holding on to the piece.  
For now, though, I am happy with my little hoop.

Well, I am off to get some cleaning done for Easter weekend.
Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Not one, But two...

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope everybody had a pleasant weekend, full of lots of stitching.

My weekend ended up being very productive...
...I finished not one, but two pieces!

Up first, my Halloween ornament...

 This month's theme was pumpkin...
...I couldn't resist this adorable pumpkin cupcake.

The pattern is from the website Mini Cross Stitch and I stitched it on 14 ct. white Aida.
(The pattern is called "Halloween Cupcakes" and there are 9 different cupcakes to stitch.)

And, I finished the Star Wars alphabet...

All the characters are present.

Close ups of the final 2 characters to be stitched...

And, a quick look back at some of my personal favorites...

So excited to have the piece finished!
It is now sitting on my kitchen table, drying, after have a quick soak and it will be ironed and mailed tomorrow for final finishing.
I just can't wait to give it to my son's teacher.  I really hope she likes it.

My supplies for my next alphabet project should be here tomorrow and I plan on jumping right in to it.
(I hope to get a bit ahead, before the A to Z challenge starts on April 1st.  That should keep me on track.)

Well, I am off to find some lunch.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


A to Z Challenge - Theme Reveal

Good Morning everyone!
Today is the day for the big theme reveal of the A to Z challenge and I am quite excited to share what I will be blogging about for the month of April.

The A to Z challenge takes place during the month of April and each day you make a new post, which corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.  So, April 1st is the letter "A", April 2nd is the letter "B", April 3 is the letter "C", and so on.

I have decided to stitch along with the challenge, so the hardest part was picking out a new alphabet pattern to work on, but I did manage to decide on one...
I am going to be cross stitching and blogging about characters from the DC comic universe!  And, I choose an absolutely adorable pattern from FangirlStitches to work on for the month.
This is what the piece will look like once I am finished...
The picture is from Fangirl's Etsy shop and isn't it adorable!  I can't wait to start on the piece.
So, I know my theme may sound a bit strange, since I am not a huge comic book fan, but I am actually doing this for my son.  He is turning 12 at the end of the month and has started enjoying Batman and the Justice League cartoons (thank you Netflix).  I thought that this project would make a great gift for him and learning about the characters would give me more things to talk to him about. (It can be difficult conversing with an almost 12 year old and I know that is only going to get worse.)

Well, I hope everyone will enjoy my posts and my stitching!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to reading what everyone else will be blogging about.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

So Close...

Happy Weekend!
Hope everyone is having a great one.
I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and wishes of a speedy recovery for my son; it meant a lot to me.  And, he is doing much better.  His fever has been completely gone for the last 2 days and his stomach has stopped hurting for the past 24 hours, so I think he will be ready to go back to school on Monday.  Of course, he isn't too happy with the mountain of homework that he has to finish...

So, I am almost done with the Star Wars alphabet...

I have started working on the "T" character, so I am crossing my fingers that I'll have all the stitching done this weekend.

And, I have to show my makeshift floss bobbins...
My husband bought me another tackle box for all my floss and I need some larger bobbins for the bottom portion, so I made some.  They aren't perfect, but they do the job!


Also, I have officially signed up for the A to Z challenge!
I know I am crazy, but I am really looking forward to the theme I have chosen (which will be revealed on March 21, 2016).
I just hope that I don't bore everyone with another alphabet project! :)

Well, I am off to help my child finish up his homework for today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - March -

Well, it is the 15th of the month, which is time for a gifted gorgeousness update!
(The gifted gorgeousness SAL is run by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching and you can find all the information about the SAL there.)

I didn't think I was going to get this update posted today... WIFI decided it didn't want to play nice and I had to unplug it around 5 times to finally get it to work.
Oh, and my little boy (okay not so little) is sick again with the stomach flu..., mom has been waiting on him hand and foot.

But, I will stop rambling and get on with the update...
It is not a large one, but progress is progress.

Star Wars character number 24 is all finished!

Only FOUR characters left!

A look at the overall piece...
Just one more row and the piece will be finished.

Like I said, not a ton to show, but still proud of what is completed.

I have also been reading about the A to Z challenge, which runs next month.
(The challenge is to post each day in April (except Sunday), working your way through the alphabet.)
It says having a theme for your posts is a good idea and I have a couple thoughts running through my head.  They would involve cross stitching, so I'm not sure I want to take on another alphabet piece.
I'm just going to keep it in the back of my head for now and see if I still want to try, once the Star Wars alphabet is done.

Anyway, I am off to get some work finished and take care of my little one.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March TUSAL...

Happy Thursday!
I know I am a day late with my TUSAL update, but yesterday was just too crazy and I didn't have any time to get near my computer.

So, on to my ORT jar...

...and a close up of all the ORTs...
...lots and lots of pretty colors!

And on to my stitching progress... ornaments...

My little pumpkin is coming along!
(I can't wait for it to be finished.)


I'm sure by now you can guess what my ornament is going to be...

And no update would be complete, without Star Wars progress...

Two more characters done...
...that means, only 5 left!

Here's a picture of the whole piece...
Can't believe I am so close to finishing it!

Oh and I have new stash to show off...
I have a really cute series of three patterns that I want to work on next and bought very pretty Aida cloth for them.
(I was inspired to add some color to my cloth choices, after seeing all the amazing colors that other bloggers use for their stitching.)

And before I sign off for the night, I thought I would share a couple animal pictures (this blog is supposed to be about my furry friends, too)...

And our dog, Reese...
(She's enjoying her new doggie bed.)

Just a couple more things...
1) I have been trying to reply to comments by email.  I hope it is working correctly...
I may still reply on my blog, but I will try to do better with email replies.
2) I joined the cross stitch/Instagram craze...
You can find me on Instagram at craftingpaws

Well, I am off to help my son study for a science test.
Hope everyone has a great Friday!