Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Stitching...

Since our family never does much over Labor Day Weekend (very hard with my hubby's work schedule), I decided to spend the time stitching.

I have another finish! (YAY!)
I finished the flower I had posted about in my previous post...

I wasn't sure about the colors, but now that it is done, I really like it!

I put in some more work on scottie dog project, that I'm making as a gift for my aunt...

...where I left off...

...and, where I am now...

The brown dog is almost done...

And then, I started a new project (I know, I know) for my nephew....
(I was planning on giving him the Wild Things pieces, but my brother-in-law posted pictures from my nephews third birthday...and it was a Spider-man themed party.  So, I decided to make a super hero cross stitch, complete with Spider-man for him.)

Captain America is all done...

I found the pattern at Pixels in Stitches.

Well, that has been the excitement around my house... it is time to find something for a late lunch!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I love your projects! Especially the one with all the scotties; can't wait to see it finished:))

    1. Thanks Annie! I am looking forward to finished that piece, too.

  2. Great stitching on all your wonderful projects! Enjoy the rest of the Holiday!

  3. The little dogs in their coats are adorable. I'm sure your nephew will love his superhero stitching too.

    1. Thank you Jo! My son (who's 11), approves of the super hero stitching, so my nephew should like it!

  4. Those little sweater wearing scottie dogs are adorable! I think the colors in your flower are very pretty together and Captain America looks great!

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