Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Wrap-Up

Happy Friday everyone!
I hope everybody had a great week.

It has been a pretty good week for me, very busy...
...and some stitching progress.

First, I have another finish...
..."Proud Little Peacock" is all done!

I think he turned out very cute!
I did learn that trying to complete a French knot outside, when it is a bit windy...
...not a good idea.  
It took me four tries to finally get the knot to look decent.

Next, I went back to work on the foxes...
(where I left off)

(and where I am now)
I think it is coming along a quite nicely.
(Pattern is by Fox You are So Crafty on Etsy.)

My only problem with this piece is that I cut the fabric a bit too small.  I have enough room for all the stitching and for what I have planned to finish the piece, but it doesn't fit well in my hoop.  I can stitch the foxes just fine, but finishing the border is going to be a challenge.
Oh well, I will just do my best.

Then I went back to work on my "You Are my Sunshine" piece...
(where I left off)

(and where I am now)
(Pattern designed by Stitchrovia on Etsy.)

I think it is coming along pretty well.

And lastly, a new start...
Mini Sherlock characters...

(Pattern designed by Wee Little Stitches on Etsy.)

Well, that is what I've been up to...
Hope everyone has a great weekend, filled with lots of stitching!


  1. Great work this month! I've been catching up on blog reading. I love all the different Etsy shops you have discovered. I love the subversive Disney designs, I'm torn between Alice and Snow Not-so White!
    How sweet of the bird designer to make one just for you too. Her peacock is another favourite.

    1. Thank you Jo!
      I've been finding way too many shops on Etsy lately...
      ...there will definitely be lots of new patters and shops. :)

  2. Lots of lovely little crosses you have been putting in. The foxes are really sweet.

  3. Love all the projects your working on Carrie and nice progress.


  4. Lovely finish. I've been eyeing "Sunshine" on Etsy too, the message and design are cool. Have a wonderful stitching weekend:)

    1. Thank you Gominam! I really like the "Sunshine" piece and love that the patterns are tablet friendly.

  5. Ooh that Stitchrovia is on my wish list! Loooove Emma Congdon designs. Excellent stitchy progress though! I feel lazy now...

    1. Thank you Toneea!
      I really like the designs by Stitchrovia and I'm sure I'll be adding more to my pattern collection.

  6. So cute! Lovely progress on all your projects :D

  7. Oooh Carrie, you have been busy indeed!! Look at all those sweet projects, they are all adorable. The sweet little peacock is just so so cute.