Monday, June 19, 2017

Bird Stitch-Along...

Good morning!
My bird stitch along is in full swing and I wanted to share the progress I have made so far...
(I've been working on a bird piece pretty much every day this month.  There were a couple days where I had to take a break, but for the most part, my month has been full of colorful birds.)

Mr. Chickadee...
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

Two, cute geese...
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

Two penguins in love...
(Penguins are one of my favorite birds, so I really loved working on this piece.)
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

A start and a finish...
...a turkey, that I named Steve.
(Pattern by RingCat)

A pair of Emus...
(This piece gave me some fits, lots of frogging...)
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

Two very bright and colorful owls...
(Pattern by FoxYouAreSoCrafty)

Another finish, Mr. Toucan...
(I named him Milo.)
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

Beautiful black swan, all finished...
(Her name is Lola.)
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

Mr. Puffin all finished...
...I am going to try and make him into a magnet.
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

Another swan...
(Not sure about the fabric yet, but it is growing on me.)
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

My most recent finish, a very pretty blue bird.
(One of my absolute favorite pieces, so far...)
(Pattern by Fuzzy Fox Designs)

So, that is what I've been up to with my stitch-along...
...I think it is coming along very well and I am happy with the progress I've made.
Looking forward to seeing how much I get done before the end of the month.

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend and that everybody gets lots of stitching time this week.


  1. Crumbs! You've been working really hard so far this month and I love them all, including their names! I popped over to FuzzyFoxDesigns a while back and purchased 4 bird designs, although I have a feeling a few more may make it into my stash pile soon. Good luck with the rest of June. :)

  2. Nice progress and congrats on all of the cute finishes Carrie.


  3. You have been busy with the birds stitching. What cute designs! Great finishes and progress :)