Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mid-week update...

Good evening, I hope everyone is having a good week!
It has been a very busy week here and I've been trying hard to keep stitching... far, I've done a pretty good job and I am hoping to keep it going.

So, on to the pictures...
I took a small break (last weekend) from the Star Wars piece and snowman project....
(I needed a break from all that green.)
...and worked a bit on a new project.
I bought this book recently and really wanted to try it out.
It is called "Cat Chat Magnets" and its by Maryanne Moreck.
The pieces are actually plastic canvas patterns, but I decided to try and adapt them to cross stitch.

This is the first design I picked, called "Get 'Em Tiger" and it has been an interesting piece to work on.
(I honestly thought this would stitch up very quickly, but I had numerous counting errors, that required me to restart.  My own fault and not the pattern, but still not as easy as I had originally thought.)
I decided to try this project on perforated paper, since I don't use it often. (I think I may switch to plastic canvas for the rest.)

Next, I worked on the "Attack Cat' piece that I started at the end of 2015...
-where I left off-

-where I am now-
You can see the kitty!

Well, after my little weekend detour, I went back to work on my snowman project (for the smalls SAL)...
-where I left off-

-where I am now-
Mr. Snowman is coming along pretty well.
(Not sure if I'll have him done by the check-in date, but I am going to try my best.)

Lastly, I worked more on the Star Wars alphabet...
-where I left off-

-where I am now-
Almost done with the last row...

I am really hoping to have all the stitching done by the end of March, so I'll have time to get it framed/finished.

So, that is what I've been up to...
...hope everyone is staying warm (its been freezing here in Michigan) and getting lots of stitching done.


  1. Awesome progress Carrie.


  2. I often choose which project to stitch on depending on the colours I want to work with so totally understand you getting fed up with greens! It's obviously worked for you too as you have made some lovely progress on your variety of charts. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! I tend to get bored when I work with the same colors over and over, so it is nice have something to break up the monotony.

  3. Lovely progress on your stitching!!

  4. Love your Star Wars project!

  5. Great progress on your adorable WIPs:)

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  7. Love those kitty magnets, your WIP are coming along. it's been ages since I did any cross stitch, I have to say I got bored of it and went to trying other things, maybe one day I'll get back to it :)