Friday, January 29, 2016

January Smalls SAL...

So I am starting out the year a day behind on everything...
...not too bad, only a day.  Hopefully that doesn't grow more as the year goes on.

This is my first year participating in the smalls SAL, run by Stitching Lotus and I am really excited about it.  I love small projects and have a huge list of them that I would like to complete.

I decided to work on a snowman, since I collect them...
...unfortunately, I didn't finish him.
-where I left off-

-where I am now-
Still quite a ways to go...
(Lesson learned, pick a "smaller" piece!)

I haven't been able to stitch much the last couple days, due to work and a sick kiddo, but I do have some progress to share...
...I had been working a lot on my Star Wars piece and I absolutely love how it is turning out.
-where I left off-

-where I am now-
(the bottom row)
The bottom row is all done!

(The only part I'm not sure about is the middle portion on the Zuckuss character...
...I used a metallic gold thread, but it is kinda thin looking.  I may end up changing that.)

And, the top portion of the piece...

(I almost quit the piece, because of Jar Jar...
...nothing I stitched on him seemed to come out right.  I don't think I've ever frogged so bad on one character before and I hope to not experience that ever again.)

Last picture...
I love the little mint green character (sorry, can't remember the name), because I finally get to stitch some different colors.

Overall, I am very pleased with the piece and my progress.

I do have a favor to ask everyone... many know, I hate french knots.
Now I have to a lot of them in the Star Wars piece and I would really appreciate any tips or tutorials that might help to get me through them.
(I know I could add beads, but I've never used beads before and am nervous to try it on this piece, since it is meant as a gift.)
I have done french knots before, but it has been awhile and I was never really good at them. (I honestly got lucky.)
Also, I know people posted tips and tutorials last year for me (and I will definitely be checking them out), but, since I have some new readers, I thought I would ask again. (I can use all the help I can get.)

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.


  1. I have the bad luck of picking smalls that aren't small enough too. Good luck with your French knots!

  2. Awesome progress on both pieces Carrie. My only suggestion on french knots. After you wrap the floss around the needle, make sure to pull the floss really tight before you pull the needle through the fabric.


    1. Thank you Linda, I really appreciate the tip and will keep that in mind.

  3. Lovely progress Carrie, and your snowman is not all green now!
    My only suggestion with french knots is lots of practice. Lots! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel!
      Definitely, lots and lots of practice, before I start to put the french knots in the actual piece.

  4. Hi Carrie, your smalls are so sweet! Happy stitching!

  5. Carrie: We have all been where you are, love your stitching.


  6. I think the green guy is BOBO Fet not sure of the spelling but that is who he looks like to me. I hate French Knots I did find a lot of videos on You Tube. They did not help me much - but might work great for you Love your Star Wars project

    1. Thanks Melinda! I take a look through you-tube and see if any tutorials offer any insights.

  7. Lovely progress & good luck with the French knot!! They are a pain but you'll see after practising, they will soon be nothing to worry about :)

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  9. Good progress. Loved looking at all the star wars characters.

  10. You did great! And yes, it can be tricky picking the right size small. I didn't want to specify a stitch count though, because to some people 25x25 is small and to others 75x75 (or even bigger!) is small. It all depends on how dense the stitches are and how much time you have to stitch.

    Thanks very much for joining the Smalls SAL.

    And, as for French Knots, check out a YouTube video called "Colonial Knots Lessons with Jennifer Aikman-Smith". Colonial Knits look very similar to French knots, but are much easier.

    1. Thanks Heather!
      I am having a lot of fun with the smalls SAL.
      I will definitely be looking into colonial knots; I really appreciate the suggestion.