Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WIPocalypse Update #1...

Good evening!
I know I am a couple days behind, but work has been kicking my butt. 
I thought I would have more time today to work on my blogging and stitching, but my son has come down with the stomach flu...
...so, I've been very busy taking care of him.

Anyway enough excuses on to my update...
This is my 2nd year partaking in the WIPcalypse SAL and I really enjoyed it last year. (Even though I really sucked at staying up to date towards summer.)

The Question for the Month:
Introduce yourself, your projects and any goals you have for the year.
My name is Carrie and I am a wife, mother, Etsy shop owner and avid cross stitcher.  
Thanks to my mother, I learned to cross stitch when I was around 10 and have enjoyed the hobby off and on for the last 20 some years.
I like all sorts of different cross stitch patterns and don't really have any favorite designers.  
I prefer to work on projects that contain all whole stitches and back stitches, that can be worked on Aida. (I hate french knots and try to avoid them like the plague.)

As for my projects, I only have one WIP that I really want to concentrate on...
...my Star Wars alphabet project.
(No new pictures...I hope to get some taken tomorrow.)

I have lots of other projects that I would like to finish, but I am determined to finish the alphabet by March.
Once I finish it, I can concentrate on other WIPs that need my attention.

As for goals...
I would like to continue learning to stitch on linen/evenweave and I want to start stitching with beads.

Well, it is getting late here and it is going to be another long day tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a wonderful "hump" day!


  1. Nice post Carrie. I love the Stars Wars piece.


  2. Nice to read about you :)
    I really like that Star Wars design... better no show this to my son, otherwise I'll end up with another WIP :)

    1. Thanks Mii!
      My son keeps begging me to do a Pokemon project for him, but I haven't found one that I really like yet.

  3. Cute design! If you want to learn stitching with beads, try a mill hill kit. They're small enough to finish quick and will give you a taste of beading.

    1. Thank you Dima!
      I have a couple Mill Hill kits in my stash, that I will have to pull out and start.

  4. Nice post. I too stitch with Aida. I haven't tried linen or evenweave but last year I tried 16ct, my goal this year is to try 18ct:)

    1. Thanks Gominam!
      I have tried linen/evenweave, but it hasn't gone too well. I hope to keep working at it.
      I haven't worked with 16 ct. Aida too much, but I plan on doing more this year.