Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Stitching Update

Happy Thursday!

Just popping in to share a stitching update...

Up first, I went back to my April Halloween ornament...
(the theme for this month was ghosts) is where I left off..

..and where I am now..

Getting close to finishing the piece!
(The pattern comes from the The World of Cross Stitching and was designed by Durene Jones.)

Then I went back to the mother and baby whale project... is where I left..

..and where I am now..

A couple more sessions and it should be done!
(Pattern is from issue number 302 of the Cross Stitcher magazine and are designed by Diane Machin.)

And lastly, a finish (YAY)...
I managed to complete the cardinal project... is where I left off..

..and all done..

(This piece was designed by Fuzzy Fox Design.)

Look at that, a french knot...
...I actually managed to do one!
(I think I may have found a system to do them...
...we'll see if I can repeat the results.)
So, with this one done, I can now start a new piece.
(I decided to not start anything new, unless I finish something first...
...hoping this helps to motivate me to finish some of my WIPs.)

And, one last bit of exciting news...
It took me years, but I finally have a complete set of DMC floss!
(Minus variegated and specialty flosses...)
Now to finish wrapping it all on bobbins and getting it organized in all my boxes.
Well, that has been my week so far...
...hope everyone has a great afternoon!


  1. Congrats on the cute finish Carrie and nice progress on the others.


  2. Well done on a cute finish :o) Great progress on your other pieces :o)
    Have fun with the floss and bobbins!
    Hugs xx

    1. Thanks Noni!
      Definitely have plans for this weekend...LOL!

  3. I love "bobbinating"!! It's pretty sad but I find it relaxing, even though I'd rather be stitching :)
    Your little cardinal is really cute with its French Knot eye ;)
    Great progress on the other projects too.

    1. Thank you Ingrid!
      I rather enjoy "bobbinating", too. It is very relaxing, not much thinking involved, which is really nice at times.

  4. Love your little Red Bird - your French Knot is beautiful. I so wish I could do them. Congrats on a full set of DMC. Love your little Ghost - the green is perfect.

    1. Thanks so much Melinda!
      If I am able to repeat my success with the French knot, I'll have to make a post about how I did it. Maybe it will help.

  5. Cute finish. Love all the colors on your WIPs:)

  6. Sweet little stitches! I like bobbinating while my sons do their homework. We sit around the kitchen table busily working away!

  7. Lovely stitching, and that finish is adorable! :D