Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Batman

Day Two - A to Z Challenge - "B"

B is for Batman
"Holy cross stitch Batman, you're looking good!"

Character Facts:
Abilities/Powers: Exceptional Martial Artist, Combat Strategy, Extreme Wealth, Brilliant Deductive Skill, Advanced Technology
Occupation: CEO of Wayne Enterprises
Real Name/Secret Identity: Bruce Wayne
Origin Story:
When Bruce Wayne was 8 years old, he witnessed the murder of his wealthy parents Thomas and Martha Wayne.  The family was coming out of a movie theater around 10:30 pm, when a criminal, named Joe Chill (this fact has changed, depending on the story), approached them with a gun.  He attempted to steal a pearl necklace from Martha, but when Thomas moved in to protect her, Chill shot him.  When Martha began screaming, Chill shot her.  Bruce was undeniably traumatized and would never be the same.
Alfred Pennyworth (the Wayne's butler) would take on the responsibility of raising Bruce Wayne.  Bruce also inherited his father's fortune and company, Wayne Enterprises.
It was at his parent's gravestones, that he vowed to avenge their deaths.
At the age of 14, Bruce left Gotham City and went on a 12 year "walkabout" the world, seeking experts to train him a myriad of fields. (He also spent time studying at some of the most famous European universities, including Cambridge.)  It was during this trip that he learned the skills of man-hunting, stealth, hunting and healing.
Upon his return to Gotham, Bruce began his "career" as a vigilante; however, something was still missing.  He had all the skills he needed, but he had to discover something that would strike fear into the hearts of the criminals he was hunting.  While in his father's study, a bat crashed through a window and it was then that Bruce decided to become the Batman.

Interesting Tidbits:
-Batman was created in 1939.
-Batman is unique, because he has no super-human powers.
-Batman has several nicknames, including the Caped Crusader, Dark Knight and Matches Malone

My Observations:  
Batman is one of my favorite characters. (My absolute favorite is Spider-Man, but he won't be making an appearance in this challenge.)
I remember watching Batman reruns, when I was a kid, and loving every minute of campy goodness!  Each "POW", "WHAM" and "ZAP" brought along another laugh...
I also enjoyed many of the Batman movies.
My definite favorites were Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992) and Batman Forever (1995). (I did watch Batman and Robin, but I'm afraid I just couldn't see George Clooney as Batman.)
Now, I have not seen any of the Dark Knight movies, because they are much too dark for me (and a bit on the gory side, something I don't really care for).

I think I love Batman, because he doesn't possess superhuman powers and seems almost approachable.
Plus, I can't resist a good detective...umm..make that detective story.
Of course, a brooding, bad boy is always a good lead character.

Well, I do believe I have taken up enough of your time for one day.
Make sure to tune in Monday on the same "Bat-Blog" for another installment of my A to Z challenge.


  1. He makes me think of a little chap in a fancy dress costume... He's fun.

  2. Batman is my husband's favorite DC character (he's a Marvel fanboy though) because he doesn't have super-human powers and has all the fun tech stuff. Batman's not my favorite for ... reasons. :) The Dark Knight series are good movies, but I agree, they are dark. The Dark Knight by itself was worth it for the Joker; that was seriously an amazingly creepy performance.

  3. Great finish:) looking forward to your next letter:)

  4. Very interesting again. So nice that at least one super-hero hasn't been given super-human powers. :)

  5. Amazing what money can get you :D
    Great Batman stitching!

  6. Great job! Batman's not my favorite, but it's interesting to read his origin story :D

  7. A brooding Bad Boy works for me. Batman is my 2nd fav. Thanks for sharing all the facts. I love your theme