Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for Lois Lane

Day 12 - A to Z Challenge - "L"

L is for Lois Lane

Character Facts:
Occupation: Reporter at the Daily Planet
-Love interest of Superman (Clark Kent)

Origin Story:
Lois Lane is the daughter of Ellen (Ella, depending on the version) and Sam Lane and older sister to Lucy Lane.  She grew up on her parents farm in the town of Pittsdale.
Lois always had a love of writing and journalism and as an adolescent, she won a contest (run by the Daily Planet), which allowed her to work as a cub reporter (for the Daily Planet) and travel to Metropolis.  This is where she first met Clark Kent. (He was the winner from Smallville.)  A friendly rivalry began between the two, with Lois besting Clark and getting more "scoops" than him.
Lois graduated from high school, attended college and then began working at the Daily Planet, where she quickly rose to the status of star reporter.

Interesting Tidbits:
-The Lois Lane character first appeared in June of 1938.
-At some point in her career, Lois Lane was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
-In one story line, Lois and Clark did get married.
-In more recent incarnations of the Lois Lane character, she is described as tough-as-nails, strong, opinionated, yet sensitive. 

My Observations:
I was surprised to discovered how much information there was about the character of Lois Lane.  I had no clue about her back story or how important she had been to the Superman story line.  I'll be honest, I always thought of her as the "damsel in distress", that needed Superman to constantly come and save her.
It has been a while since I have seen anything involving Superman/Lois Lane.  
I remember watching the Christopher Reeve's Superman movies with my parents and I have seen a few episodes of Lois & Clark and Smallville, but that was quite a long time ago.  I would love to go back and re-watch all this stuff now that I have a better understanding of the characters.


  1. Ooh, one that I know about! I think you're right - she certainly had that damsel-in-distress edge to her (in the films anyway). I loved her bantering with Clark and now we know why! :)

  2. I was not a Superman Fan - but I did love Smallville. Not sure why. I do think her character has changed over time.

  3. Yeah. I character I actually know of. lol


  4. Well, everyone will have heard about Lois Lane, surely! :)
    She has no power and no gadget, yet still manage to be known in the superhero world... Amazing!

  5. I agree, I always thought she was a damsel in distress. Another great character! :D

  6. I loved her Smallville incarnation :)