Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Lex Luthor

Day 24 - A to Z Challenge - "X"

X is for Lex Luthor

Character Facts:
Abilities/Powers: Genius-Level Intellect, Inexhaustible Wealth, Political Influence
Alignment: Villain
Occupation: CEO of LexCorp

Background Information:
Lex Luthor is a power-hungry billionaire, business magnate, scientist, inventor, philanthropist (to the city of Metropolis) and one of the most intelligent people in the world.  He is a charismatic and well-known public figure, that is intent on ridding the world of the superhero Superman.  Luthor views Superman as an obstacle to his "megalomaniacal" plans and a threat to the existence of humanity.

Interesting Tidbits:
-Traditionally Lex Luthor has no superpowers or dual identity, but periodically, he wears his "warsuit".  The "warsuit" gives him enhanced strength, flight and advanced weaponry.
-Lex Luthor made his first comic book appearance in April of 1940.
-In earlier comic book appearances, Lex Luthor had red hair, but due to an artistic mistake, Luthor is depicted as completely bald in a newspaper strip. (Apparently, the look stuck!)

My Observations:
Since I don't have a ton of background with Superman, I don't have a lot with Lex Luthor either...
From what I have seen of the character, he is one of those villain that you just love to hate.
At times, I have difficulty watching him, because I get very frustrated by characters that "act good" and fool people into believing them. (It just gets under my skin.)
Of course, those types usually get what is coming to them in the end, but Luthor always seem to escape the inevitable...


  1. They way they had his character in Smallville - which is really my only true connection to Superman - it made him interesting - his son was even more complex. But that tv show did put a bit of a spin on things

    1. I did watch a little bit of Smallville and I always liked the Lex Luthor character.
      Netflix really needs to start streaming Smallville, so I can get caught up!

  2. I know the pain of running out of satin thread! I had to go to Spotlight (a half-hour drive away) last weekend just to pick up some more. My only Superman experience has been Smallville - he really was the villain you loved to hate.

    1. I hate running out of thread, especially since I have to order most of my supplies.
      Really wish I had a closer cross stitch supply store.

  3. I wondered who X would be so, not knowing the comic book world much, thought there might be an X-Ray man! Lex is a great supervillain but I can understand why his character winds you up. :)

  4. Great stitching! :D I always assumed he had superpowers, considering he's Superman's arch-nemesis

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