Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Martian Manhunter

Day 13 - A to Z Challenge - "M"
Half way point of the challenge...
...kinda bittersweet...thrilled to have made it this far, but still 13 more days to go!
I really appreciate all the wonderful comments and I am trying my best to reply to them. (Hopefully I can get caught up this weekend.)
Anyway, hope everyone will stick with me for the next 13 characters.

M is for Martian Manhunter
Character Facts:
Abilities/Powers: Flight, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Enhanced Speed, Shape-shifting, Invisibility, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Intelligence, Intangibility, Optic Blasts
Weakness: Fire
Real Name/Secret Identity: J'onn J'onzz

Origin Story:
A scientist on Earth, named Dr. Saul Erdel was secretly experimenting with alien (presumably Martian) technology, when it accidentally pulled J'onzz from Mars to Earth.  The sudden appearance of the seven foot tall alien caused Dr. Erdel to have a heartache and die.  With the death of the doctor, J'onn found himself stranded on Earth. (The teleportation technology no longer functioned.)
J'onzz decided to use his time on Earth to help others, upholding the ideals of truth and justice as he had done on Mars.

Interesting Tidbits:
-Martain Manhunter first appeared in November of 1955.
-J'onn loves Oreo cookies. (They are called something different, though.)
-J'onn sometimes appears as a human detective, named John Jones.

My Observations:
I actually quite like J'onn and find him interesting to watch.  He seems to have a very calm demeanor and always knows just what to do in any given situation.
I have really enjoyed the episodes featuring J'onn and the Flash, since their personalities are so different.  Their interactions have lead to some very funny moments.  


  1. I have never ever heard of this dude. I am really enjoying your A-Z challenge. I will miss this for sure.

  2. Your characters all looking great Carrie.


  3. It's not just the fact you're showing a stitched character everyday, it's the fact you've done some research too which makes me enjoy these posts. Thank goodness (from my point of view anyway!) there's still plenty more to go!! :)

  4. Half way already? Nooooo!! :)
    I am enjoying these posts, especially when you took the time to give us more info about it.
    Nope, definitely don't know that one.

  5. and now he's in Supergirl.
    I'm loving watching this alphabet progress

  6. I like him a lot, he was always one of my favorites in the animated Justice League series on CN haha. It was before we got Internet at our house so I didn't know his backstory. This is such a fun alphabet challenge! :D

  7. Another one I've never heard of! That's a long list of super powers, too. Yay for getting halfway through! :D