Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for Nightwing

Day 14 - A to Z Challenge - "N"

N is for Nightwing
Character Facts:
Abilities/Powers: Exceptional Martial Artist, Combat Strategy, Advanced Technology, Brilliant Deductive Skills, Gymnastic Ability
Real Name/Secret Identity: Dick Grayson
Base of Operation: Gotham City

Origin Story:
Nightwing is the superhero persona that the first Robin (Dick Grayson) takes on, once he turns 18 and strikes out on his own.  
He is no longer Batman's sidekick and becomes a well respected member of the superhero community.

Interesting Tidbits:
-The original Nightwing identity was assumed by Superman, when he was stranded on the Krytonian city of Kandor. (His friend Jimmy Olsen was with him during this adventure.)
-The story of Nightwing (the Superman version), inspired Dick Grayson's choice of name, when he leaves behind his Robin identity.
-In 2013, Nightwing was ranked 5th on IGN's Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics.

My Observations:
 Nightwing was a character that I had briefly heard about and I knew who he was, but I didn't know a lot about him. (I knew about his past as Robin, but didn't know much about his life as Nightwing.)
Honestly, doing research on the character was quite confusing...
The comic book universe is so vast and it can be very overwhelming.  I will definitely be revisiting my sources when I have a bit more time.
Otherwise, I did watch Nightwing on the animated series Young Justice and I really liked the character.
(Nightwing stars in the 2nd season.)  He declined entering the Justice League, to stay and be the leader of the Young Justice group.  I thought he made a very good leader, but he was a little too good at keeping secrets from his team...
...sometimes too many secrets lead to great downfalls.


  1. I've not heard of Nightwing, nor knew that Robin changed his identity so was very interested in this post. Holy Cow! :)

  2. I've been catching up on your stitching/blogging. You're doing an awesome job!

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  3. Oh yes, I have to thanks Lego Batman game for that :)
    Better not say anything about it to my son, otherwise he'll say playing video games is a must! :)

  4. Interesting... I wondered what happened to Robin. Great stitching! :D

  5. I never knew. But I am very happy Robin went out on his own when he got to be 18, the SideKick always gets the short end.