Thursday, April 7, 2016

F is for the Flash

Day 6 - A to Z Challenge - "F"

F is for the Flash

Character Facts:
Abilities/Powers: Super Speed, Intangibility, Superhuman Agility
Occupation: Forensic Scientist
Real Name/Secret Identity: Barry Allen

Origin Story: 
When Barry Allen was a young boy, his mother was murdered and his father was falsely accused and convicted of the crime. (Barry's father eventually died in prison.)  Barry never believed that his father killed his mother and dedicated his life to finding the real murderer.
Barry studied forensic science in college and found work with the Central City Police Department, as a forensic scientist, where he had a habit of slowness and lateness.  One night, while working late in the lab, a rack of chemicals that he was working near were struck by lightning.  Barry was doused in the chemicals, but was surprisingly unharmed.  
Soon after the accident, he discovered his abilities of super speed, phasing through solid objects and processing information at the speed of light.  Barry decided to use his abilities to fight crime.

Interesting Tidbits:
-Barry Allen is actually the second Flash, Jay Garrick was the first Flash. (Barry actually got the idea to use his powers for crime fighting from reading the original Flash comics.)
-Barry Allen made his first comic book appearance in October of 1956.
-The third Flash in line is Wally West, Barry Allen's nephew.

My Observations:
This is another character that I wasn't really familiar with. (Pretty much everything I knew about him came from watching The Big Bang Theory.)
I have recently seen the Flash in The Batman animated series (2004-2008), where he made a few appearances in the 4th and 5th seasons.  There wasn't a lot of information given about the character and he seemed very impulsive in the episodes. 
My favorite portrayal of him was in the show Young Justice (2010-2013).  In the show we meet the Flash (Barry Allen) and his nephew Wally West (Kid Flash).  I really enjoyed the episodes that depicted his home life, as the family seemed to be a happy one. (Quite different from his comic book origin story.)  I am assuming that the family in these episodes was the West family (Barry Allen's wife's family), but they were all aware of Barry and Wally's superhero identities and seemed very proud of them.  It was just nice to see some happiness when it came to a hero's home life, since so many of them have tragic back stories.


  1. I really have never paid much attention to Flash. So it was very nice to learn a little about him today.

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  3. Another great stitching job! I'm SOOO jealous of your stitching because it's so clean!

  4. How funny Carrie. I was going to say that I know him from The Big Bang Theory. (My all time favorite show.)


  5. Another great post! I'm glad this superhero had a proper and interesting job before gaining his superpowers from a freak accident. Interesting too that he is the second Flash and will be passing the baton on one day. :)

  6. Yay!! The Flash has to be my favourite :)
    I have even collected the comic servies called Impulse, which is a teenage sidekick of the superhero The Flash!

  7. Apologies for typo error, I obviously meant SERIES :)

  8. Another great character. I've never really known much about The Flash - like you said, just from watching The Big Bang Theory. Awesome stitching! :D