Saturday, February 7, 2015

First "Caturday" of February...

Good afternoon everyone!
I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Well, everyone knows what day it is... is "Caturday"!
So, let us get straight to the kitty pictures!

My lovely companion on the couch...

 (She is never far from my side.)

Our pretty princess...

(So, you might be wondering why I don't have a lot of pictures of Ziva...
...well, she is a very difficult cat to photograph.  She's very skittish and doesn't stay in one place for long, plus if you make any noise, she bolts.
Unfortunately that means, I'm not able to get a lot of pictures of her.)

The giant ball of fluff...

Apparently, he thinks he is a present and belongs under our Christmas tree.
(I do promise, we no longer have the tree up in our house!)

And lastly, the baby (and resident troublemaker)...

(My sweet lazy kitty! 
Well, he's sweet when he is sleeping.)

And a special surprise this week...
...our honorary kitty...

 This is Reese, she is our 9 year old, black lab/black-n-tan coonhound mix...

So that has been our week, lots of sleeping and snoozing!
I'm afraid my cold/flu came back this week, so I've been laying low.
(At least that gives me lots of time to stitch!)

Well, I hope everyone is doing good...
...and I hope to have some pictures of my stitching soon!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Awwwww love all your kitties, and Reese too! Our two cats are being "babysat" by another family until we move, and we miss them dearly!!

    1. Thank you, Jessica!
      Hope you are able to get your kitties back soon!

  2. Lovely pictures! How do you keep your house so spotless with all those animals?? x

    1. Thanks Hazel!
      How do I keep my house clean? Creative photography!
      Honestly, my house is not that clean, I just try to crop out all the excess fur and mess! ;)

  3. Caterday is the best day of the week! Mine is either sitting on my legs, when I'm stitching, or sitting on his pillow, at the computer, when I'm online. Little shadows of love.

    1. I love your description of cats, "little shadows of love'! That is a great way to describe them!

  4. Your cats are so cute and your dog is beautiful! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks Summer!
      I hope so, too! I'm really getting of this cough and sore throat.

  5. Pretty kitty! Although she is looking like "Oh not another picture MOM"!!!

    1. Thanks Deb!
      They all get that look from time to time...
      ...especially when it has been a long weekend, filled with me snapping pictures!